Sumaj Diosta Cantana Himnario #144 Christ Will Come Again

Some of Church of God congregations sing out of a hymnal that is printed in both Quechua and Spanish. During today’s podcast we reflect on the wonderful words of the 144th Spanish song. Timothy translated the words for your edification.

“The angels sing with sweet voice,

The men sing with a loud voice,

Christ will come, our conquering King,

Christ will come again.  

He will come again, 

He will come again,  

In glory come to the world He will come again,

He will come again,

He will come again,

He is coming to reign soon,

See on earth the air and the sea,

Great signs already fulfilled,  

Everything indicats that the time is near,

Our glorious Lord,  

All the dead in Christ will rise, 

With joy the dead will rise, 

To find their King they will rise, 

Christ is coming again.  

Come in the clouds!  Oh beautiful Savior!  

Come to earth, I beg you Lord!  

Come, your church awaits you Jesus!  

Jesus Christ will come again.”


Tim 2, Elias, Ezequiel, Timothy, Angelita, Esperanza, Adelena

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