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Together Tuesday: Carapungo

One of the honors that we have in Ecuador is to walk along side of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The church in Carapungo is truly a place Jesus Christ is King of kings! For today’s together Tuesday will you join us on… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: Carapungo”

Ministry Story: Santa Elena

  The rain was pounding on the windshield as our Toyota rolled to a stop. It was the kind of rain that gave promises of ending soon. If we had arrived a couple of minutes later we would have been able to walk into… Continue Reading “Ministry Story: Santa Elena”

A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!

Time seems to move faster on the Equator! Our last few weeks have been packed with wonderful experiences. We had intended to post these updates in separate posts but we simply have not had the time to sit down at a computer until now.… Continue Reading “A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!”

Seminary Week

It seems like a lifetime since we last posted. We have had one intense month! Before we tell you about Seminary week we want to share two experiences at two churches with which we are honored to partner. Since we last wrote we had… Continue Reading “Seminary Week”

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