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Ministry Story: Santa Elena


The rain was pounding on the windshield as our Toyota rolled to a stop. It was the kind of rain that gave promises of ending soon. If we had arrived a couple of minutes later we would have been able to walk into the home without getting soaked. We paused for a moment hoping the rain would cease but we were drawn to the faces filled with expectation crowding in the doorway. We opened the doors of the SUV and made a run for it. The sensation of cool rain alighting on our skin was drowned out by the wonderful smell of Pollo Seco cooking from inside the home.

The home in which we worshiped.

When we entered the Santa Elena home we were quickly made comfortable and handed a delicious plate of food. We had a great time of fellowship as we discussed this new work that is nearly a year old. 

Last year the pastors of the Carapungo Church in Quito responded to a burden that they had for the people of Santa Elena, a small town near Nanegelito. They Evangelized the area and a lady opened her home so that the new group of believers could meet. The Carapungo Church sends their pastors every other Saturday to develop the work. From time to time the entire church goes for a special service. Each visit takes a day. They begin traveling at 8:00 in the morning and return to Quito at 8:00 in the evening. 

Pastor Orlando spoke in glowing terms of the growth and potential of this new work. After we shared a meal we walked the neighborhood and dreamt about reaching each family in the area and what it would take to build a permeate church building.

This small lot with a building on it would only cost $2000 for the Church to purchase.

After our walk the church gathered to worship through song and the hearing the Word of God. Brother Orlando preached an excellent sermon and invited the new believers to be baptized. The Carapungo Church is planing a baptism service and they want the new work to be involved too.

Worshiping with the Santa Elena Church plant.

The Church in Ecuador keeps growing under the leadership of the Holy Spirit! We are honored to walk alongside of our friends here and we are Joyful for your support! Your encouragement, prayers and donations keep us in Ecuador! Thank you for helping us stay on our mission path. 

With much love, ff7ede2e-fa12-4cbb-9c20-5456d1070373The Downings

A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!

Time seems to move faster on the Equator! Our last few weeks have been packed with wonderful experiences. We had intended to post these updates in separate posts but we simply have not had the time to sit down at a computer until now. If you read this post really fast it will help you understand how we feel in this awesome, fast paced ministry!

¡El tiempo parece moverse más rápido en el ecuador! Nuestras últimas semanas han estado llenas de experiencias maravillosas. Teníamos la intención de publicar estas actualizaciones en publicaciones separadas, pero simplemente no hemos tenido tiempo de sentarnos en un coumputer hasta ahora. ¡Si lees esta publicación realmente rápido, te ayudará a entender cómo nos sentimos en este increíble y rápido ministerio!

Santa Clara’s Anniversary: Aniversario de Santa Clara:

We were privileged to attended the anniversary service of the Santa Clara Church. Timothy was honored to be one of the preachers during the service.

Tuvimos el privilegio de asistir al servicio de aniversario de la Iglesia de Santa Clara. Timothy tuvo el honor de ser uno de los predicadores durante el servicio.

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It is always encouraging to see our Seminary students as they actively minister in the local church! Jonathan gave an excellent sermon.  ¡Siempre es alentador ver a nuestros estudiantes del Seminario mientras ministran activamente en la iglesia local! Jonathan dio un excelente sermón.
We loved spending the day with the Santa Clara Church! ¡Nos encantó pasar el día con la Iglesia de Santa Clara!

A Wonderful Day In Pisambilla:  Un día maravilloso en Pisambilla:

We needed some video for one of our supporting Churches who are scheduled to visit the Pisambilla Church next year. So we visited Pisambilla and enjoyed a wonderful worship service and then we were able to spend the day with Pastor Carlos and his family.

Necesitábamos un video para una de nuestras Iglesias de apoyo que tiene programado visitar la Iglesia de Pisambilla el próximo año. Así que visitamos Pisambilla y disfrutamos de un maravilloso servicio de adoración y luego pudimos pasar el día con el pastor Carlos y su familia.

It was wonderful to hear Sister Gloria preach, and again it is very encouraging to see our Seminary students faithfully serving their local churches! Fue maravilloso escuchar a la Hermana Gloria predicar, ¡y de nuevo es muy alentador ver a nuestros alumnos del Seminario sirviendo fielmente a las iglesias locales!

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We love spending time with our church in Pisambilla! ¡Nos encanta pasar tiempo con nuestra iglesia en Pisambilla!

Carapungo’s New Work: El nuevo trabajo de Carapungo:

The Ecuadorian Church can’t help but grow! The Gospel message of hope resonates well among a people who need hope.

¡La Iglesia Ecuatoriana no puede dejar de crecer! El mensaje de esperanza del Evangelio resuena bien entre las personas que necesitan esperanza.

One evening we received word from the Pastors of our Carapungo church about a new work that they had started in a town about an hour away from Quito. We were invited to visit next weekend and we are sure to have more information and good photos for an upcoming post.

Una noche recibimos noticias de los pastores de nuestra iglesia de Carapungo sobre un nuevo trabajo que habían comenzado en un pueblo a una hora de Quito. Fuimos invitados a visitar el próximo fin de semana y estamos seguros de que tendremos más información y buenas fotos para una próxima publicación.

This is an exciting time in Ecuador! The Carapungo Church is not the only Church to expand their reach in service of the Gospel. We are aware of five other new works and several Churches that are in the process of joining our movement!

¡Este es un momento emocionante en Ecuador! La Iglesia de Carapungo no es la única Iglesia que expande su alcance al servicio del Evangelio. ¡Somos conscientes de otras cinco obras nuevas y varias iglesias que están en proceso de unirse a nuestro movimiento!

Ten Believers Baptized From The Zabala Congregation: Diez creyentes bautizados de la Congregación de Zabala:

We were honored to attend a baptism service in the beautiful cloud forest town of Pacto. The Zabala Church baptized ten young Christians!

Nos sentimos honrados de asistir a un servicio de bautismo en el hermoso pueblo de Pacto, en el bosque nublado. ¡La Iglesia de Zabala bautizó a diez jóvenes cristianos!

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The river was swift and cold but the service was happy and our hearts were warm. Timothy helped baptize the young believers by standing upstream and being an anchor for each person so that the river would not take them!

El río fue rápido y frío, pero el servicio fue feliz y nuestros corazones fueron cálidos. ¡Timoteo ayudó a bautizar a los jóvenes creyentes parándose río arriba y siendo un ancla para cada persona para que el río no los llevara!

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Pastor Rodrigo baptized all ten believers and then invited each one to attend the Seminary (click here to give finical support or Seminary program) intensive week this year.  We sung I have decided to follow Jesus on the banks of the river then we celebrated the Lord’s Supper together.

El pastor Rodrigo bautizó a los diez creyentes y luego invitó a cada uno de ellos a asistir al Seminario (haga clic aquí para apoyarlo en forma definitiva o en el programa del Seminario) semana intensiva este año. Cantamos Decidí seguir a Jesús en la orilla del río y luego celebramos la Cena del Señor juntos.

It is an honor and a privilege to live and serve in Ecuador!

¡Es un honor y un privilegio vivir y servir en Ecuador!

With Love, Con mucho amor,B9C37CB1-2339-4486-81BB-3C6C34ED5C61The Downings Los Downing

Seminary Week

It seems like a lifetime since we last posted. We have had one intense month!

Knowing that we do not walk alone but with wonderful supporters from all over the world and wonderful brothers and sisters here makes the intensity of our work a joy.

Before we tell you about Seminary week we want to share two experiences at two churches with which we are honored to partner.

Pastor Orlando and Lidia at the Carapungo Church.

Since we last wrote we had the opportunity to attend several churches, all of them are wonderful and loving.  One of them, the Carapungo church, has made a significant inroad into their local school. The pastor’s wife, Lidia, has taken something that she had learned from a North American sister in Christ who has invested some time visiting and teaching the Ecuador church and given that teaching in an unlikely place.

On day Lidia listened to some of the kids in her church talk about a problem in their school. There were many students being abused by other students. Lidia’s heart broke for the students and she was moved to action. She approached a teacher she knew at the school and asked if she could share a powerful truth that had made a significant difference in her life with her class. She was invited and she shared some basic Christian teaching about the Christian ethic of individual value, fairness, and love. The students listened and the Gospel worked! Over the following weeks the teacher and school administration were so impressed with the change in lives of the students that they invited her to share with the entire school.

We are so proud of our sister who took what she learned from another and shared it with those in need. Her actions are a testimony of the effectiveness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also had a wonderful experience with the Comite del Pueblo church. We arrived early to the church one Sunday with the intent of attending Sunday School. We were surprised to find that the church cancelled Sunday School once a month so that the people can walk the neighborhood around the church, meet people and pass out literature. Our family was privileged to walk alongside of our brothers and sisters through their neighborhood meeting people and sharing Christ.

Pastor Patricio, a man with a heart for his church and his city!

The story continues in a wonderful way. A few weeks after we experienced this act of evangelism we had the opportunity to visit a hardware store near the church. Guess what we saw on the counter? The literature that was passed out a few weeks before! Written words have a way to staying around.

DSC08677 - Copy
The Seminary of 2017

Every year the S.E.T.E. (the Church of God Seminary in Quito) offers a week long schedule of intensive classes. The preparation for this week is time consuming. This year we were able to offer five classes. A missionary working with the Bible League of Quito taught “The Church and The Community.” A local pastor taught “The Pentateuch.” And Timothy was privileged to teach “Leadership Development,” “Simple Doctrine,” and “Missiology.” We had 27 students, two translators and three professors.

DSC08658 - Copy
We had wonderful food, made by our beautiful sisters who worked from dawn to dusk each day.
We had new experiences
DSC08649 - Copy
like chicken foot soup!
Preaching with a great translator!
We celebrated a dear sister’s Birthday!
Happy Birthday Pastor Delia!

We thank everyone who helped provide such a wonderful week of encouragement and learning.

Next year we plan to offer more classes and we will push for participation from 100% of our churches.

Would you or your pastor like the opportunity to participate in upcoming Seminary weeks? If so, click here and you will be directed to our Global Strategy page. Simply click on the email icon and we can begin our conversation about your participation.

We are privileged to work with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ecuador. We are honored to partner with many churches and supporters from our home country. If you would like to help us by joining our support team we would love to partner with you! Please click here for our donation page.

With love from the equator,dsc04854

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