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Throwback To A Girl On A Volcano

Love, The Downings

Ministry Story: Gratitude And An Invitation

With much love, The Downings  

End of The Road

With much love, The Downings


With love, The Downings

Esperanza’s Favorite Cayambe Photo

With much love, The Downings

Throwback To a Selfie

Have you heard our podcast about Hot Culture and Cold Culture? If not please click here! With much love, The Downings

Ministry Story: Cobblestone Less Traveled

We invite you on a journey into the countryside of Cayambe. We will have to leave the smooth road and the small Pueblos and use the cobblestone less traveled. Imagine, we drive along the bumpy road past the eucalyptus trees, and alongside a small… Continue Reading “Ministry Story: Cobblestone Less Traveled”

A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!

Time seems to move faster on the Equator! Our last few weeks have been packed with wonderful experiences. We had intended to post these updates in separate posts but we simply have not had the time to sit down at a computer until now.… Continue Reading “A Celebration, A Baptism & A Few Things In-Between!”

Baptisms In Jerusalem

This week we had the honor of going to one of Ecuador’s beautiful national parks. We went to Jerusalem Bosque Protector near the Capital city of Quito. We loved the beauty and tranquility but we enjoyed the reason for our visit even more. The… Continue Reading “Baptisms In Jerusalem”

We Need Your Help To…

Our supporters are the best! Over the years we have heard the words “just tell us what you need and we will be glad to help.” Today we would like to tell you want we need. We have two projects that are designed to… Continue Reading “We Need Your Help To…”

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