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Elucidate Human Nature

Friends, on today’s theology Thursday we explore human nature, sin, and the destiny of all mankind. Love, The Downing Family If you liked this podcast check out This One! If you would like the book mentioned in this podcast you can find it and… Continue Reading “Elucidate Human Nature”

Elucidate Holiness

Friends, in today’s podcast an excerpt was read from a book Timothy wrote when he was a pastor. The book was titled Elucidate: Simple Doctrine. If you would like a copy of the book click here. With love, The Downing Family    

Tent Making

In our recent travels we have encountered many concerned bothers and sisters who ask this pressing question; “How are you supporting your family as you raise funds for your mission?”  To be honest that question is now pressing us a bit.  Ever since we… Continue Reading “Tent Making”

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