Tent Making

In our recent travels we have encountered many concerned bothers and sisters who ask this pressing question; “How are you supporting your family as you raise funds for your mission?”  To be honest that question is now pressing us a bit.  Ever since we stepped away from paid Pastoral ministry (shortly before Easter last year) God has taken care of us through His people.  One way he has done so is by opening up opportunities for us to speak in various churches all across the fruited plain.  We have a policy, if we are invited we will come!  If you want us to come to your church or small group you can request us by calling 1-800-848-2464 ext. 2129.  Another way that we earn funds for our family is by selling the books that Timothy has written. If you are looking for a good book and a good way to help us in our day to day living expenses check out these links.

Christmas Devotions (Paperback)

Elucidate (Paperback, Kindle)

The Gospels (Paperback, Kindle, English, Spanish)

The Writings of Paul (Paperback, Kindle)

Listening to God’s Voice (Paperback, Kindle, English, Spanish)

Truth We Can See (Paperback, Kindle)

Una Cancion En Mi Corazon (Paperback)

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