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Throwback To A Photo Taken By Esperanza

Love, The Downing Family

Throwback To A Girl On A Volcano

Love, The Downings

Throwback To A Cultural Experience In Cost Rica

According to Wikipedia: “Juan Santamaría (August 29, 1831 – April 12, 1856) was a drummer in the Costa Rican army, officially recognized as the national hero of his country. A national holiday in Costa Rica, Juan Santamaría Day, is held every April 11 to commemorate… Continue Reading “Throwback To A Cultural Experience In Cost Rica”

Throwback To Esperanza

On our fundraising journey in the beginning of our mission path we came across this sign in New Mexico. Esperanza was so happy to get her a photo with it. In hindsight she might of just been happy to get out of the car!… Continue Reading “Throwback To Esperanza”

Esperanza’s Favorite Cayambe Photo

With much love, The Downings

Esperanza’s Artsy Smartsy Photo

We are proud of Esperanza she is becoming a fantastic photographer. She was standing on a church balcony when she decided to pour a litttle water on the railing and take this reflection photo. She has an excellent artistic eye! Now if only we… Continue Reading “Esperanza’s Artsy Smartsy Photo”

Throwback To a View Over Quito

Have you heard our podcast yet? If not click here to hear one Esperanza voiced.  With much love, The Downings

Throwback Thursday

Time seems to fly by, especially since we are having so much fun on our mission path! We can’t believe it but we have been traveling our mission path for over five years now! As you can imagine we have thousands of photos….and we… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday”

A Word From Esperanza

One of the unexpected joys we have encountered as we travel along our mission path is the increased family time we have been blessed with.  We have traveled together, met new friends as a family, studied together and dreamed together.  Hardly any computer work… Continue Reading “A Word From Esperanza”

Of Whirlwinds And Silence

The beautiful notes of life often crescendo ever so slightly over time to become a cacophony.  This happens before you know it.  Recently our mission path has been filled with many melodious tunes.  We were honored to speak at Alliance First Church in Northeast… Continue Reading “Of Whirlwinds And Silence”

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