A Word From Esperanza

One of the unexpected joys we have encountered as we travel along our mission path is the increased family time we have been blessed with.  We have traveled together, met new friends as a family, studied together and dreamed together.  Hardly any computer work is done or phone calls are made without the “help” of a two or three year old (both are sitting across the table from me right now).  As parents we are interested in what our kids think about the major change occurring in our lives.  Here is Esperanza’s thoughts on our journey so far.

If you are interested in partnering with Esperanza and the whole family by joining our living link network please click here.

We are loving life!  How about you?

With love,


The Downings


Bonus missionary exercise:  What about the dog?  We have a beloved family pet named Dioghi.  He has been with us almost as long as Esperanza has.  But what do we do with him when we become missionaries?  Do we take him or do we leave him?  Perhaps you have a beloved pet as well.  What would you do?  Here is your missionary exercise: think through your feelings and ideas about a family pet and the mission field.  Do you say a very tearful goodbye or do you take the pet along for the journey?


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