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The wellspring of the Gospel is powerful and freely flows into every culture. As you will find out on this episode of our mission path podcast living water speaks profoundly to the hearts of people with an Andean worldview. Just click on the audio… Continue Reading “Water”

Good People To Know

We have met many extraordinary people as we travel along our mission path.  Often our thoughts and prayers drift to the various missionaries we have met along the way.  We love reading about their ministries, their struggles and their victories.  The Fulton’s of Haiti… Continue Reading “Good People To Know”

Two Rivers: Gloria’s Story

In the seventh chapter of John’s Gospel, Jesus invites all who are thirsty to come to him and drink and he promises that everyone who accepts his invitation will see rivers of life flowing from them. Today we invite you to listen to a… Continue Reading “Two Rivers: Gloria’s Story”

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