Good People To Know

We have met many extraordinary people as we travel along our mission path.  Often our thoughts and prayers drift to the various missionaries we have met along the way.  We love reading about their ministries, their struggles and their victories.  The Fulton’s of Haiti have an excellent blog that often draws us into prayer.  We love reading about the ministry adventures of Tim and Josie Vickey on Facebook.  Recently we rejoiced as the Weigers moved to their mission field, they go with our prayers.  Steven and Peggy Beverly are constantly in our prayers as they continue to raise support.  We pray they will be able to move to their mission field as planned this October.  We also daily pray for Jonathan and Beth Todd who will be serving in Brazil in a similar ministry to ours.  We recently discovered that they have a wonderful blog that details their adventure so far.  It is worth a read!

As we travel around and meet many churches and individuals we often get a sense that many don’t know about the wonderful work God is doing not only in the U.S. but all around the world.  We encourage you to explore the links above and see what amazing ministry God is doing through His church and the donations of His people.

The Bible speaks about Living Water.  All who are thirsty are invited to drink.  We as followers of Christ are charged with ensuring that Living Water gets to the thirsty around us.  The Living Water is free but the plumbing is not.  Your support is very much appreciated.

In His Grip,


The Downings

(If you would like to join us in making sure Living Water continues to flow to Ecuador please click here).

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