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The Commands of Christ Conclusion

This teaching series has received much encouraging feedback.  Thank you.  Here is the final session of the Commands of Christ. As always, if you enjoy this teaching please boaster our reach by sharing it with the people in your life. This ministry would be… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Conclusion”

The Commands of Christ Eight

Hearing the imperative commands of Christ makes us better people.  This eighth session of the teaching series The Commands of Christ begins with Christ’s greatest command.  Love God, Love others, Live accordingly. If this teachings if valuable to you please share it with the… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Eight”

The Commands of Christ Seven

We are wrapping up our missionary training this week at the h.e.a.r.t. village in Lake Wales, Florida. We will update you as soon as we can but in the meantime please enjoy the seventh session in the series The Commands of Christ. What does… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Seven”

The Commands of Christ Six

We are enjoying our last week of missionary training at the Hunger Education and Resource Training school.  We are living without our normal internet access.  A scary thought for a household of millennials and gen-xers!  Next week we will be able to update you on… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Six”

The Commands of Christ Five

If we love Christ we will be obedient to his commands.  Our love does not flow from obedience but our obedience does flow from our love.  In fact we have a tendency to become like that which we gaze upon.  In the fifth session… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Five”

The Commands of Christ Four

We are living life without the benefit of modern conveniences like internet and running water as we train to be missionaries at the heart village.  So we can not update you on our mission path today but we can share with you some of… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Four”

The Commands of Christ Three

We are at the heart village in Lake Wales, Florida training to be missionaries.  Although we can not update you on our progress we would like to offer you the third session in The Commands of Christ series. What did Jesus say about prayer… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ Three”

The Commands of Christ One

The Great Commission of Christ reads like this in the New English Version of the Bible. So the eleven disciples went to Galilee to the mountain Jesus had designated.  When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted.  Then Jesus came up and said… Continue Reading “The Commands of Christ One”

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