Blessed Speechless

Have you ever been blessed beyond words?  We recently received a gift that left us speechless.  We were in North East Ohio staying with some close friends when they noticed that we have out grown our vehicle.  Four kids and two adults don’t fit comfortably (legally) in a 96′ Jeep Cherokee.  Our friends knew we are spending much more time on the road in our fundraising effort so they asked us if we would be interested in a vehicle with a third row seat.  Of course we were interested, but we had already resigned ourselves to the idea that we would make do with what we had for the year of fundraising.  Besides, when we decided to follow our mission path Timothy resigned at the church where he was the pastor so money was tight (and by tight we mean nonexistent).  We said yes, knowing we could never afford a decent car with third row seating.  Our friends lead us to their garage and showed us a beautifully preserved woody station wagon, complete with moon roof and rear facing third row seat.  After a quick test drive our friends offered to sell us the magnificent beast at a very affordable price.  We looked at each other with desire in our eyes but we told our friends we would have to think about it (and by think about it we mean try to scrape together the asking price for this awesome station wagon).  The next weekend we took our entire emergency fund and went back to our friends.  Then they did something that blow us away, they gave us their 92′ Buick Road master Estate Wagon!  They said: “We are going to support you as missionaries anyway so this car can be the beginning of our support.”  We are blessed beyond words!  Thank you Jason and Brenda your gift is precious to us and your friendship is priceless!


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