A Place Of Love

A place of love is hard to find in this world but when we do find such a place we always have a deep desire to return there.  This week as we travel our mission path we have the privilege of speaking in such a place.  We will be speaking at the Newton Falls First Church of God on Saturday, May 17th and on Sunday May 18th.  On the 17th we will be speaking to the children’s and youth ministry then we will have dinner together.  Our goal is to help engage the young people in Christ’s mission.  We are so happy to be speaking with the church of now.  On Sunday we will be speaking in adult and children’s Sunday School classes then Timothy will speak in the worship service, following the service we will have dinner together.  The Sunday morning festivities begin with a meet and greet at 9:00 (with coffee and doughnuts), Sunday School at 9:30 and the worship service at 10:50.  If you are in the area of Newton Falls, be sure to meet us at 426 W. Broad St.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Miss you guys sooo much! Still want to do a 5K so I will need to know an open date you may have to schedule it on..

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