Five Easy Ways to Support in a Way Your Missionary Will Love

It is good to have an advocate!  A friendly face in the room, a supporter can make a huge difference in the way a message is received by a crowd.  In eternal terms you and I can stand before God in his throne room of grace solely because Jesus is our advocate.  In spiritual terms we are called to be an advocate, to stand in the gap, for a lost and dying world.  In physical terms we are to advocate for the chained and downtrodden, for it is among the “least of these” that we glimpse the glorious face of our Savior.  We live and move secure in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our advocate.

Recently Timothy was speaking with a pastor about partnering with our ministry.  During the conversation an advocate for our ministry interjected the importance of churches providing financial  support.  That one interjection turned the conversation and we now are proud partners with the pastor and his church.

This is a call to all of our supporters, those of you who believe in our ministry and want to help us in our search for living link partners (living link partners are monthly financial  supporters). We want to engage you as our advocates.  Here are five ways you can advocate for us.

One. Pray! Please advocate for us before our loving God.  He knows who He has prepared to partner with us as we follow His calling in our lives.  Please continue to pray for His guidance.

Two. Share! It comes quite natural to us to share what we like with others.  Our social networks are full of recommendations for favorite restaurants, recipes, movies, music, and sports teams.  We ask that you share our posts, pictures, information and news with your social network.  Your voice is powerful; please introduce us to your listeners.  If you are wondering what to start sharing here are a couple good links:   Our video

Three. Write! Would you consider drafting a letter of introduction and sending it to some of your friends?  A letter from a friend is always read.  We ask that you include why you support us and our contact information.  Again your voice is powerful!

Four. Host!  Please consider hosting a get together for us.  Invite your friends and have us share with them the mission God has laid on our hearts.  If you will provide the venue and your friends we will provide refreshments and good conversation.

Five. Partner! We ask that you become a living link partner with us.  We are asking you who believe in us and in the mission we are on to advocate for us financially.  No amount is too big or small.  We simply ask that you let God lead you, then go to this link: Support the Downings  and partner with us in God’s glorious work!

We thank you for your advocacy in advance and we can’t wait to see what happens through your voice!

Thank You!


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