Birthday Reflections

I woke up this morning feeling a little older.  But that most likely was the way I slept, not due to age.  I am a year older today, which means I have experienced the blessings of God for one more year.  This year I have experienced so many blessings from God that they would be hard to count. Angelita and I have enjoyed the change of pace that we have found traveling our mission path.  Over the last year we have noticed a positive change in our family life as we released the joy and stress of the pastorate and embraced the joy and stress of building a Living Link Network of financial and prayer partners.  We have been blessed by the open doors and open pulpits to which we have been invited.  We have been blessed by the sense of a mission that each member of our family have in common (the family dialect is no longer “Dad is a pastor” but “we are missionaries). It is a blessing to be completely reliant on God and His timing for our daily needs.  As a father I am particularly blessed when I see the look on my kids faces when God in His perfect timing sends us money or food just when we need it.  I am blessed more than I deserve and looking with expectation to see how God works this coming year.

In His Grip,


Esperanza’s card to Daddy


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