Will there be pets in heaven?  Will there be sex in heaven?  What does it mean that women were the first to encounter the empty tomb?  What will happen when we enter into Christ’s resurrection?  Couldn’t someone have simply stolen the body of Jesus? How does the Resurrection of Christ effect the physical creation?

The Christian Faith is a dialogue not a monologue.  Questions have always been an important part of the Christian’s faith journey.  From the questions that our Lord answered, (and asked), to the crowd’s cross-examining response to Peter’s sermon in Acts chapter two, we see the power of an honestly asked question.  Perhaps this Easter you have some questions concerning the Resurrection of Jesus.  If so, you are in good company.  Most people we know, (including ourselves), have questions about this central event in history.  Here is a Easter Sunday Q&A that Timothy lovingly prepared and delivered to the Hillside Ave. Church of God.

In His Grip,

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The Downings




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