Time Is Short! (Another Exciting Announcement)

Time is given us to use in view of eternity. -Ironside

Time has a way of slipping by unnoticed. We recently watched some old videos of our eldest children while we lived in Clovis, New Mexico.

It seemed to us like yesterday that we had a little boy and little girl.  They have grown so fast.

As we build our Living Link network of supporters we have noticed something else about time.  We don’t seem to have enough.  We have been fundraising for over one year and we have four months left until we are scheduled to move to South America.  Esperanza and the Ezequiel want to tell you what percentage of our budget we have already raised.

Yes, that is our little girl, now big, proudly proclaiming we have raised 65% of our budget. Will we raise the remaining portion before August?  Will we be able to leave on time (we can’t leave until we are fully funded)?  Time will reveal the answers, but God knows them already.  Will you join us in praying for favor as we travel to and through the following states in the next four months?   We will be in FL, MO, KS, AZ, LA, MS, GA, AR, TX, NM, OH, KY, TN, OK, MI, IL, IN, WI and perhaps more.  Please pray specifically that God will open the doors we need to walk through so be can leave on time.

Thank you and God bless,

family pic tree

The Downings

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