A Blessing That Transends Language

We were blessed this Sunday to be part of a Spanish language service at Iglesia de Dios Vida Abundante in Duncanville, Texas.  It is no secret that we intensely desire the ability to speak and understand Spanish.  In fact our first year on the mission field will be at a Spanish language training school.  Despite our language difficulties we were blessed by the beautiful worship and passionate teaching.  We can’t wait until the day that we will understand in full the Heavenly language of Spanish but until that time we will enjoy in ignorance what we hope to one day fully to comprehend.

When we think of the imaginable mystery of Christ we can’t help but feel the exact same longing.  Right now we see in part, we understand in shadows, we have an inkling of what is to come.  One day we will understand in full.  Until that time we will just enjoy in ignorance what we hope to one day fully comprehend.

In His Grip,


The Downings

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