Change And Fluidity

We are all in a constant state of flux, some of us know it.

Our family is currently traveling back home after two months on the road.  We eagerly  await the familiar surroundings of home.  Even though our concept of home is dramatically changing as we wrote about Here.  Our lives right now, by necessity, are rather fluid.  That state of flux which we all share is a little more focused for us since early spring when we started traveling full time.

Change always entails a mixture of loss and opportunity.  We choose to focus more on the opportunity than the loss.  Our family is experiencing a new sense of both as we found out last week that we have reached 86% of our living link budget.  Somehow that mile marker has both energized and terrified us.  Change is coming.  Soon we will be buying plane tickets and finalizing housing arrangements, enrolling in language school, packing up our belongings and saying our final goodbyes.  Exciting.  Terrifying.  Happy.  Sad.  Full of hope.  Full of uncertainty.  -Change.

We are ready to embrace the significant change that comes with leaving our homeland and starting anew in an unfamiliar culture.  We are also embracing the changes that are happening at home.  Our sending organization the Church of God with headquarters in Anderson, Indiana is going through some major changes.  Here is a video explaining some of them.

What great opportunity to connect your passion with the hands and feet of Christ.

If you would like to connect your passions with ours just click on the family picture below and you can become a living link partner with us.  Together we can do much more than we could alone.

In in His Grip,


The Downings


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