Windows Of Opportunity

Life is full of opportunity. Right now the first generation of leadership of the Church of God in Ecuador are gazing through a window of opportunity at a young and eager crop of new leaders. Are they ready? Will the mantel of leadership be handed off well? What will become of the work bought with sleepless nights, sacrifice and tears? Will fear cause a fumble or will the baton of leadership be confidently passed and competently received? Our family is also looking through a window of opportunity. A year and a half ago we received the honor of being asked to help facilitate the oncoming leadership handoff through the ongoing work of the Church of God Seminary in Quito, Ecuador. We are eager to begin our work of education and training.

Sadly, we recently saw one window of opportunity close for us. We were looking forward to begin our language training in Costa Rica in August. However, we are unable to do so because our Living Link budget has not been fully raised.

We have been actively building our Living Link support network over the past year and a half and our efforts are bearing much fruit. Currently we are at 91% of our budget and on track to leave during our next window of opportunity in late December.

Please pray that we will be able to raise the $18,000 of Living Link pledges necessary to reach 110% of our budget. Then we can enroll in the January semester of language school. We don’t want to miss another window of opportunity!

If you would like to pledge please click Here. Thank you in advance for your support!

In His Grip,


The Downings

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