Where In The World Are The Downings?

Early morning airport excitement!
Both Timothys are happy to return!
Esperanza is happy to go for the first time!
We are just happy to be together on another adventure!
We are spending a lot of time at the airport.
A lot of time!
Too much time!
Way too much time!
They took Esperanza’s safety scissors but then gave us knives.
Oh, Ecuador at last!
We are so glad to be visiting our fellow missionaries in Ecuador!  We can’t wait to visit our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters!  This is going to be a much needed and much appreciated trip!  We will keep updating the web site with pictures and stories this week as we explore the church in Ecuador and we vision for our future ministry here!

2 Comments on “Where In The World Are The Downings?

  1. Hi From Ohio! Our church is having a prayer vigil this Friday is there something specific we can pray for? This Sunday is Faith Promise Sunday is there anything I can share. I so apologize for thinking of this at the last hour.


    • We certainly do have some prayer requests, thank you for asking.

      The health of our children, each one has been sick to varying degrees recently.

      That we finish this first trimester of language learning well (we have four more weeks in this trimester when we return to Costa Rica. We are on Ecuador right now.)

      Would you please start praying for our missionary visa process? We have confirmed that the president of Ecuador has stated in a speech that before his term ends (2017) he will pass a law preventing any new missionary from entering Ecuador. Please pray that his will is not done, and that we would have the wisdom to understand if we need to arrive in Ecuador before we have planed.

      It is by your prayers and support that we are able to follow our mission path, we thank you for each!

      One thing you might share, we have a video: https://ourmissionpath.com/2016/01/11/a-dollar-and-some-hard-candy/ That some churches have shown to their people for faith promise.

      Thank you for your love and support!


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