A Child With Promise

One privilege we will have when we move to Ecuador is to work with a child sponsorship program called Children of Promise.  In this ministry we will help facilitate the partnership between children who are in unimaginable poverty, the local Ecuadorian Church, and a caring sponsor with financial means.  This program has been a great success all over the world.

We were blessed to spend some time with one grown up child of promise today.

Doctor Danny, grew up as a child of promise!

Doctor Danny was born into a life of poverty and lived in a shanty on the outskirts of Quito.  The world does not care much about the likes of Danny or the myriad of children growing up in dire poverty but thank God Christians have a passion to see people as Christ saw people.  The Children of Promise program partnered with Danny and provided him with proper nutrition, healthcare and educational opportunities.  His local Church of God congregation provided him with godly support and a biblical world view.  Now Danny is a medical doctor who has a unique ability not to see people as poor or rich, only as a person made in the image of God.

We are so excited to be involved in such a wonderful ministry.

-With much love The Downings

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