Worship in Quito

Like most big trips our trip to Ecuador flew by fast.  We have been back in Costa Rica for several weeks now and have had time to process the experiences we had in Ecuador.  Over the next few posts we hope to share some of the stories we have heard and some of the experiences we have gone through as we visited our soon to be home.

On our first Sunday in Ecuador we were privileged to visit two churches.  The morning service was held in a building next to the seminary at which Timothy will be working.  The church is named la Iglesia de Dios en Comité del Pueblo.  It is a well established church and has had a hand in several other works around Quito.

We heard a wonderful story about the worship team.  A young man leads the worship team and the church into the throne room of grace each Sunday.  It is quite an experience.

The pastor is very pleased with this young man and his team, so much so, that he decided he would reward them for all their hard work by purchasing tickets to a concert given by a popular Latin American worship leader.  The team loved to sing songs from this particular singer and the pastor was happy to send them to watch one of there favorite song writers perform live.

The pastor approached the worship leader with this opportunity and asked him to see how many of his team would be able to go.  When the worship leader told his team about the opurtunity, they did what they always do, they prayed about it.  Through prayer it was decided that no one would attend the concert.  Why?  Because, the worship team knew the concert would be a performance and they did not want to risk becoming performers as they lead their church in worship.

The Psalmist asks: Who can approach the hill of the Lord, who can stand in His holy place?  The answer is echoed throughout scripture.  They who have clean hands and pure hearts, who have not lifted there soul to another!

Pure worship flows uninhibited from pure hearts!

The second service we attended was at the Igesia de Dios en El Carmen.

Here we are with Pastor Jorge, Yevona and family.  We found out that pastor Jorge and Timothy have known each other for nearly twenty years!
The kids had a great time!
Free to run out some energy!
Happy to be playing!
A little game of tag after service.  Your “it” Karen!
We worshiped under the watchful eye of the church security team.

One of the special moments we experienced in Ecuador was during the worship service at this church.  The pastor, Jorge, wrote and sang a beautiful song about cutting up an old suitcase and making shoes out of it.  The song spoke to us.  Our calling is sure, we won’t need suitcases after we arrive, we will need shoes so we can walk alongside of our brothers and sisters in Ecuador!

With love,imageThe Downings

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