Praying Over Quito

Quito is everything.  It is exceedingly polite and crass, eerily quiet and loud.  It boasts an astonishing beauty tempered by a kind of raw ugliness.  Quito has a magnificent and maleficent history.  Some Quito residents possess breathtaking wealth (yet they can’t flush their toilet paper), 83% of residents report that all they possess are unsatisfied basic needs (which means they wish they had toilet paper not to flush).  The people sleep peacefully at the feet of five active volcanoes.

Our first Saturaday in Ecuador Tim, Esperanza, Elias and Timothy climbed Mt. Pichincha.  From the top we could see a breath taking view of Quito.

The kids where so happy for the fast smooth ride on the Teleférico.  The Teleférico took us to an elevation of 13,300 ft. And Mt. Pichincha’s trailhead.
One of the most precious times during this trip was seeing our kids pray over the city.  They range in age and maturity but they each had the ear of our Heavenly Father as they prayed over the city below.


Quito extends beyond our eyesight even at 13,300 ft.
We took a break from walking for about 20 minutes.  Notice the happiness on Esperanza’s face!  She finally had opportunity to live her life long dream of horseback riding.
Quito extends beyond the reach of our eyes even at 13,600 feet!
Elias is the only three year old we know who has happily walked at 14,000 feet.  He is a tough little minion!
Esperanza would prefer to be on a horse, Tim would prefer to move quicker, and Elias is just happy to be included on this adventure.
Quito at night.  Please join us in prayer for the city which will become our home!

A quick confession: we had every intention to post about our Ecuador trip as the adventure unfolded, however we blinked and it was over.  We have wonderful ministry experiences to share.  We also have some amazing stories and some family adventures to share.  All coming over the next few weeks.

In His grip,

The Downings

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