Who Is On Our Refridgerator Part 2

In our last post we introduced you to one of the missionaries whose prayer card we have on our refrigerator, the Godsey family (click here to read more). Today we want to tell you about our friends the Todds.  We met Jonathan and Beth Todd in Oklahoma City, we were both commissioned at the Church of God‘s Be Bold Confrence.  We found that they have a passion for Brazil and that they are called to a ministry very similar to ours.  We look forward to watching their ministry unfold and we hope for some healthy cross pollination with our ministry.

Currently the Río Olympics are underway, and the spotlight is on Brazil. But when we think about Brizil we think about Global Strategy missionaries Jonathan and Beth Todd who are only four weeks from leaving for language school in Brazil. They are not quite yet at 100% funded. Would you consider joining them as ministry partners?  We have!  To partner with the Todds in Brazil, click here or call Global Strategy at 800-848.2464.

Please join us in prayer for our friends as they are currently preparing to move to Brazil for their language training.

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