A Fun Post About Fruit

Our Family is studying Spanish in Costa Rica to prepare ourselves for ministry in Ecuador.  Costa Rica is a unique country located in Latin America between Panama and Nicaragua.  It is a country famous for coffee, fruit, and tourism.

We have found that fruit is considerably less expensive here and we have enjoyed replacing fast food with fresh fruit.  In fact Angelita and I have replaced breakfast and lunch with fruit smoothies.  While this practice began for financial reasons we have come to enjoy this new lifestyle.

Weekly we post the result of or fruit market shopping trips on Facebook (if we are not already Facebook friends now would be a good time to look us up, just search Timothy Angelita Downing.  When you find us make sure to send a friend request!).  In response to a recent fruit post one of our friends asked for a smoothie recipe.  So, this morning we took pictures of the ingredients of a typical breakfast smoothie.  We add and subtract ingredients from time to time but, this is basically what we are drinking for breakfast each day.  Since we never really measure by weight we have a regular sized banana in each picture for scale.

We begin with a spoon full of ground Moringa leaves.  If you are not familure with this wounderful plant you can learn about it by clicking here.
We then add a spoon full of Chia seed.
We then add a hand full of frozen Strawberries and a pinch of fresh Rosemary.
We then add about two handfuls of frozen Mango.
We then add about the same amount of Pineapple.
These Bananas are small so, we used four.  Most mornings we only use two frozen Bananas.
We add a spoon ful of Cinnamon.
We then add a healthy scoop of uncooked Oatmeal.
We usually add a spoon full of homemade Blackstrap Molasses.
We then Water.  When we have it we use Cocoanut Water.
Ready to blend.
We blend it until we get a nice whirlpool going.
Sometimes the finished product looks more red but, today we have a nice bland looking morning smoothie.

Each ingredient is packed full of vitamins, nutrition, and antioxidants.

If you are already a supporter we want to thank you!  This time of preparation would not be possible without you, your support, prayers, and encouragement keep us going.

If you are not yet a supporter and would like to speak with us about what we are doing and how you can be involved please let us know.  We would love to speak with you!

Blessings,imageThe Downings

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