Counting Time

Time can be measured in various ways.  At the time of writing this post our family has 34 more days in Costa Rica.  That is 816 hours or 48,960 minutes or as we like to measure it, five Sundays.  We are counting down the days.

Recently we have been counting days for another reason.  So far we have counted 14 weeks, or measured another way, one trimester!  We think it is time to announce we are counting the days until our due date in April.


One trimester counted in baby time is about the time the baby can suck on its thumb, can make facial expressions, and is about the size of a lemon.

One trimester measured in mommy time (Angelita time) is a difficult time.  She is still very ill with “morning sickness” that lasts all day.  Would you please spend some time in prayer for her today.  We are counting the time until she can enjoy this time of anticipation.



The Downings

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3 thoughts on “Counting Time

  1. Hi Angelita and family

    Know you have been counting, but no idea that you were counting weeks like our family is also! Our Tom and Cheryl are in their 28th week with their first baby–our first grandchild–a girl. It is Cheryl’s 38th birthday today. They live in CA.

    Last Friday complications set in and Cheryl is now in a specialty hospital in SAN Francisco for at-risk pregnancy and premie babies. Goal is to delay delivery as long as possible.

    Happy for your new baby to be blessed to be in such a wonderful family, but so sorry you have been feeling so ill all this time. Will continue to lift you all in prayer every day and ask for your prayers for our family for a healthy baby and safe delivery when the doctors find it necessary to deliver.

    You are a special family. God bless! Prayers, love and hugs, Jan and Dale

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