Welcome To The Jungle

This week we had the honor of visiting with our brothers and sisters in the Sucumbios Province. The Sucumbios Province is located in the Oriente and borders both Colombia and Peru. It is a jungle Province.  We were delighted to be able to visit both the Lumbaqui and the Amazones Churches.

The Lumbaqui Church.

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The Amazones Church.

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We loved meeting the Children of Promise in Lumbaqui.

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The purpose of our recent trips is multifaceted. We need to spend quality time with our Pastors and church leaders to get to know them and their families. We also want to meet as many of our Children of Promise kids as possible we want to know them and pray for them. It is important for us to enter into the lives of our new friends on their terms and in their context.  During this trip, we had a wonderful opportunity to spend much time with the pastor and many of the leaders in the two churches.  We were even taken into the Jungle to experience some fun with our brothers and sisters.

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One aspect of our journeys that we should share is the road there.  Driving can get mundane but in Ecuador, driving requires hyper-awareness. You never know when you might encounter a bus passing another bus on a blind mountain curve or a damaged road or a pedestrian. This trip went well we only had to stop at one police checkpoint!

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We were blessed beyond measure during our visit to the jungle the hospitality and love we experienced provided for a firm foundation for lasting relationships.


The Downings

Once again we are proud to be Christ’s hands and feet here in Ecuador. If you would like to learn more about us or join our support team please click here.

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