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Children of Promise A Documentary

Friends for today’s Together Tuesday we invite you to watch this documentary about the Child sponsorship program we partner with in Ecuador. The Children of Promise program is changing the lives of children and sponsors world wide! Love, The Downings  

News From The C.O.P.

We encourage you you to take a moment and meet the new international directors of the Children of Promise sponsorship program. Love, The Downing Family P.S. Thank you for your prayers as Timothy traveled back to Ecuador last night. We are reunited after 15… Continue Reading “News From The C.O.P.”


We invite you to watch this video and consider sponsoring a child in Ecuador! Click here to learn more about the Children of Promise sponsorship program. Love, The Downing Family

Children Of Promise Testimony

One of the programs that we work with is called Children of Promise. Here is a testimony from a young man in our sister program to the south. Eduardo is a Peruvian child of Promise. We currently have children in Ecuador waiting for a… Continue Reading “Children Of Promise Testimony”

Danny And Mayra

First click play on today’s podcast, Then click here to find out more! Love, The Downing Family

Something Bigger Than The Moon

Fifty years ago today the world was wrapped in amazement as astronauts from the United States set foot on the moon. That “one small step for man” was truly “one giant leap for mankind!” What the Apollo astronauts did fifty years ago today certainly… Continue Reading “Something Bigger Than The Moon”

Ministry Story: An Invitation To Visit

  Visiting the mission that you support does a world of good, both for you and for your brethren. Today’s podcast comes with an invitation so make sure you listen to the whole episode!   With love, The Downings Friend, did you enjoy this… Continue Reading “Ministry Story: An Invitation To Visit”

Together Tuesday: Children of Promise

How can you help end human trafficking? One powerful way is to give a child hope by becoming a Children of Promise sponsor. First listen to this! Now click here to visit the Children of Promise website! Together we can make a difference! With… Continue Reading “Together Tuesday: Children of Promise”

Ministry Story: Children of Promise

Today’s ministry story is an ongoing story. Karen Lambert served as the national director for the Children of Promise in Ecuador for over 20 years. She and her husband Jon now serve as missionaries with Caring Partners International. Before she left Ecuador Karen handed the… Continue Reading “Ministry Story: Children of Promise”

Ministry Story: Heavy Hearts

We eagerly await the day when all things are made new! Today’s ministry story happened during the first year of our ministry here. We invite you to journey with us through this difficult ministry encounter. Be prepared to be touched by this sad story.… Continue Reading “Ministry Story: Heavy Hearts”

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