Ministry Story: Jonatan

We recently had the joy of attending the graduation dinner for our friend Jonatan.

Our friend Jonatan

Jonatan was a Child Of Promise. He grew up in the Santa Clara Church and his family has been active in that ministry for many years. Somewhere we even have an old photograph (non-digital) of a young Timothy and Jonatan’s father taken during one of Timothy’s youthful visits.

Thanks to the love and encouragement of his Family, Church, former missionary and Children of Promise director Karen Lambert and of course his Sponsor he has now earned an engineering degree and has even invented a machine that makes fertilizer pellets!

Jonatan is a sharp young man, a very hard worker and has a bright future ahead of him.

We ate, sung and danced in celebration! (Well there was dancing but your missionaries just moved awkwardly during a Mariachi song)

Jonatan’s Children of Promise sponsor is unique because they continued their encouragement and financial support well beyond their original commitment. Sometimes when you connect through COP you make life long friendships!

Angelita and I love how Jonatan’s story has turned out so far and we look forward to walking alongside all of our Children of Promise on whatever adventures may come!

With love,52faba8e-f3dd-4c56-bebd-2531e775874c The Downings

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