Something Bigger Than The Moon

Fifty years ago today the world was wrapped in amazement as astronauts from the United States set foot on the moon. That “one small step for man” was truly “one giant leap for mankind!” What the Apollo astronauts did fifty years ago today certainly changed the world. 

We all want to change the world! We all want to make the world a better place but with the magnitude of the problems scrolling across our news feeds where do we begin? 

We may not be able to touch the face of the moon and change the course of the entire world but what if we could change the course of one life? 

We eagerly offer two ways for you to change the course of a life.

The first is an ongoing commitment. We are honored to partner with a child sponsorship program called Children of Promise. We would love to have 100% of our kids sponsored before school begins in September. We currently have four children from Ecuador ready for sponsorship. Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity to change a life.

The second opertunity to change a life is through a youth outreach that the El Carmen Church in Quito is offering. The plan is good, the workers are in place, the harvest is plentiful all they need is some additional funding! We invite you to click here for more information and consider making a one time donation to this worthy cause. 

We can change the course of the world one life at a time!

Love, D4ECCD47-B129-414B-BF02-BA067946B94BThe Downing Family

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