Flexibility Is The Key

Friends here is a quick update and prayer request about the national crisis occurring in Ecuador. On October 3, 2019 protests erupted all over Ecuador due to the government  ending of costly gas subsidies. As of October 8th the protests are still going on and are expected to continue for several more days. (Video courtesy of Jason Jones)


The protests have included roadblocks, violence and destruction of property. Although most Ecuadorians are peaceful some have taken to the street with evil intent.

We watch as a roadblock was constructed in front of our vehicle. Our brave driver asked permission to pass before the obstruction was finished and they let us through. The next roadblock would not let us through so we took a dirt road into the country to avoid the riots.
We help deconstruct a roadblock that had no protesters guarding it.

Here is a video taken from the gate of a hotel we were staying at in Santa Isabel. Notice the men with clubs and rocks intending to do damage to the car they had stopped. The occupants looked very frightened. (Video courtesy of Jason Jones)

For today’s Together Tuesday project will you pray with us for peace in Ecuador? Pray for safety among the brothers here. And that we the church will be a brilliant shining light in this dark time. The light of Christ can and will outshine the dull glow of burning protest fires!


Tim 2, Angelita, Elias, Adelena, Timothy, Esperanza, and Ezequiel

The Downing Family

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