One of the ministries we are privileged to participate in is teaching seminary classes to developing Christians and church leaders. Such an opportunity presented itself by way of an invitation from Rev. Jovanny Mendieta and Rev. Jorge Palacios to teach some classes this past weekend at Santa Isabel. Rev. Patricio and Timothy along with Jason Jones joined the students and leaders of the Ark Church and several other congregations in the area of Santa Isabel for a weekend of wonderful fellowship and intensive classes.

In addition to the classes we were honored to participate in the baptism of Brother Marcelo. (Video courtesy of Jason Jones)

Timothy throughly enjoyed being in the baptism waters once again with Brother Palacios!

Brother Patricio taught several wonderful classes. The students were blessed by his loving and thoughtful approach.
Brother Patricio also brought a powerful and clear sermon during the evening service. We love to hear our brother preach!
Brother Palacios taught and preached in a life-changing way. His love for the people is evident in word and deed.
Our good friend Jason was a blessing not only to us but to our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters. His presence was a great encouragement to all!
Brothers with the same heart!

Timothy loved teaching about biblical culture. This is what he was called to do. Nothing is quite as sweet as fulfilling one’s purpose!

As we continue our ministry in Ecuador we look forward to many more opportunities to reach, preach, and teach.


Tim 2, Elias, Ezequiel, Timothy, Angelita, Esperanza, Adelena

The Downing Family

P.S. we usually post early in the morning but this post comes to you early evening because we are dealing with some interesting issues in Ecuador right now. To read our write up about the national crisis unfolding here click on this link. Thank you for your prayers!



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