“Will you shed your tears for the souls of the nations?”

Wendi Stranz

In today’s world, it seems that there is so much hurt, so many tears being shed. We see people suffering in poverty, facing persecution, and struggling with addiction. We hear stories of broken homes, broken hearts, and broken dreams. We see a world where sin abounds. It is easy to become overwhelmed and find it hard to know how to respond. 

Dear friends, as followers of Christ we will respond with compassion. We will take a moment to shed tears for the souls of the nations. We will be moved to action for those who are suffering, and prayer for those who are lost in despair. 

The Bible tells us that God cares deeply about the brokenhearted. In Psalm 34:18 it says, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” God’s heart is full of compassion for all of us, and He invites us to join Him in bringing comfort, repentance, and healing to those who are hurting. 

Let us be people of prayer, shedding our tears for the souls of the nations. Let us be people of action, seeking out ways to bring hope and salvation to those who are struggling. Let us be people of compassion, offering a listening ear and loving truth to those who are in need. 

May we be people who love deeply and care tenderly for the souls of the nations.

Love, The Downing Family

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