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We Need Your Help To…

Our supporters are the best! Over the years we have heard the words “just tell us what you need and we will be glad to help.” Today we would like to tell you want we need. We have two projects that are designed to help our Brothers and Sisters in the Ecuadorian Chruch. One project is a leadership development project. The other is a construction project.

There is an exciting expansion underway in the ministry of the Ecuadorian Seminary. This year we are offering more classes, more choices and we are expecting many more students. This is a crucial time in the leadership development of the Ecuadorian Church.

Last intensive we had 26 students, This intensive we are on track to have over 40!

How can you help? We need your to help in two ways. We need you to pray for the Seminary ministry. Please lift us up to the our Father in the Throne Room of Grace especially leading up to our next week long intensive class the first week in August.

We also need financial support for this ministry. Your generous support along with the sacrificial giving of the Ecuadorian Church will help train the current and next generation of leadership in the Church.

We are not asking you to do anything that we are not doing. We help teach in and organize the Seminary ministry but we also give financially to ensure this ministry reaches as many as we can while the evening light still shines! To join us in supporting this ministry please click here!

The Seminary Building overlooking Quito

Another exciting opportunity to make a lasting impact in Ecuador is through the Pisambilla Church’s construction project. The Pisambilla Church is located in a community high up on the Cayambe Volcano. This congregation is the only evangelistic light in its area. The church is currently meeting in a three sided building. They are collecting materials to build a new worship space.

The Current Worship space in Pisambilla.

How can you help? We need your help in three ways. First, please pray for this Church. Pastor Carlos and the Pisambilla congregation are doing a wonderful ministry at the “ends of the earth” and they need your prayer support.

Site of the Future Pisambilla Church Building.

We also need financial support for this building project. The Church is very faithful and are collecting their building materials on their own but they need your help. Will you please bless them by supporting thier ministry in this way? The estamated cost is $8000 to complete their project. If you are like us $8000 is more than we can donate alone but if we join with others in the Body of Christ we can meet this need! To help your Brothers in Pisambilla click here!

Pastor Carlos and His Family

The third way you can help with this project is in person. We are looking for a hearty group of people to come and help with the construction. If your family, Church, or small group would like to experience a hands on ministry in a beautiful high altitude location we need you to contact us at ourmissionpath@gmail.com

The road to Pisambilla is an adventure!

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement!


The Downings


Necesitamos tu ayuda para…

¡Nuestros seguidores son los mejores! A lo largo de los años, hemos escuchado las palabras “solo díganos lo que necesita y con gusto lo ayudaremos”. Hoy quisiéramos contarle lo que necesitamos. Tenemos dos proyectos diseñados para ayudar a nuestros Hermanos y Hermanas en la Iglesia Ecuatoriana. Un proyecto es un proyecto de desarrollo de liderazgo. El otro es un proyecto de construcción.

Hay una expansión emocionante en marcha en el ministerio del Seminario Ecuatoriano. Este año estamos ofreciendo más clases, más opciones y esperamos muchos más estudiantes. Este es un momento crucial en el desarrollo del liderazgo de la Iglesia Ecuatoriana.

Último intensivo tuvimos 26 estudiantes, ¡Este intensivo estamos en camino de tener más de 40!

¿Como puedes ayudar? Necesitamos que ayudes de dos maneras. Necesitamos que ores por el ministerio del Seminario. Por favor, elevámonos al Padre nuestro en el Salón del Trono de la Gracia, especialmente antes de nuestra clase intensiva de la próxima semana que ofrece la primera semana de agosto.

También necesitamos apoyo financiero para este ministerio. Su generoso apoyo junto con la entrega sacrificial de la Iglesia Ecuatoriana ayudará a capacitar a la actual y la próxima generación de líderes en la Iglesia.

No te estamos pidiendo que hagas nada que no estemos haciendo. Ayudamos a enseñar y organizar el ministerio del Seminario, pero también ofrecemos ayuda financiera para asegurarnos de que este ministerio llegue a todos los que podamos mientras la luz del atardecer aún brilla. Para unirse a nosotros para apoyar este ministerio, ¡haga clic aquí!

El edificio del Seminario con vista a Quito

Otra oportunidad emocionante para tener un impacto duradero en Ecuador es a través del proyecto de construcción de la iglesia de Pisambilla. La iglesia de Pisambilla se encuentra en una comunidad en lo alto del volcán Cayambe. Esta congregación es la única luz de evangelización en su área. La iglesia se está reuniendo en un edificio de tres lados. Están recolectando materiales para construir un nuevo espacio de adoración.

El espacio de adoración actual en Pisambilla

¿Como puedes ayudar? Necesitamos su ayuda de tres maneras. Primero, por favor oren por esta Iglesia. El pastor Carlos y la congregación de Pisambilla están haciendo un ministerio maravilloso en los “confines de la tierra” y necesitan su apoyo de oración.

El sitio del futuro edificio de la Iglesia

También necesitamos apoyo financiero para este proyecto de construcción. La Iglesia es muy fiel y está recolectando sus materiales de construcción por su propia cuenta, pero necesitan su ayuda. ¿Podrían bendecirlos apoyando su ministerio de esta manera? El costo establecido es de $8000 para completar su proyecto. Si usted es como nosotros, $8000 es más de lo que podemos donar solos, pero si nos unimos a otros en el Cuerpo de Cristo podemos satisfacer esta necesidad. ¡Para ayudar a tus Hermanos en Pisambilla, haz clic aquí!

Pastor Carlos y su familia

La tercera forma en que puede ayudar con este proyecto es en persona. Estamos buscando un grupo abundante de personas que vengan y ayuden con la construcción. Si a su familia, iglesia o grupo pequeño le gustaría experimentar un ministerio práctico en una hermosa ubicación a gran altitud, necesitamos que se comunique con nosotros en ourmissionpath@gmail.com

¡El camino a Pisambilla fue una aventura!

¡Gracias por sus oraciones, apoyo y aliento!

Bendiciones,dsc04797Los Downing

Ten Surprises We Have Found In Costa Rica

Missionaries Have Big Families

When the Downing family went anywhere in the United States we stuck out by our sheer numbers.  Here at the Instituto De Lengua Española we are simply an average sized family.  We will have to have more babies to stand out here, (a proposition neither of us are willing to consider).

Our Kids Trying Spanish 

It is hard to describe the joy we feel when our kids try to use Spanish.  Our kids from youngest to oldest are unafraid to try to speak to other kids at the park, at school and at church.  What a pleasant surprise!

We Know Enough To Know We Don’t Know Enough

One surprise is that we know a lot of Spanish already (and we aren’t even counting the Spanish we’ve picked up at Taco Bell and Chipotle)!  On the other hand we are also surprised at the magnitude of Spanish that we aren’t yet acquainted with.  We have a lot to learn!

Unlearning Is More Difficult Than Learning

Language makes paths through our brains.  Abandoning a well used path and paving a new one is a tedious task.  Phonetics, letters, grammar, and spelling are all different in Spanish.  Of course, that is to be expected but what we did not expect was how easy it is to fall back on the English pathways and on our previous and poorly learned Spanglish.  Unlearning is hard to do!

Natural Strengths Are Tempered By Natural Weaknesses

We were surprised to learn that (at our level) there is no such thing as being good at Spanish, only being good at parts of Spanish.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses and were one of us is week the other seems to be strong.  We praise God he has knitted us together on this great adventure!

Immersion Learning Is The Best

Because the learning never stops!  We might learn the proper grammatical structure in class but we will learn how to communicate with our newly learned grammar on the bus later that day.  In fact every interaction we have conforms, stretches, and teaches us as we are immersed in our new language.

Tranquilo Is Our New State Of Mind

When learning a second language mistakes are inevitable, looking out of place is common, and misunderstandings are a daily occurrence.  We have learned not to worry about any of that.  We have embraced being tranquilo.

The Vast And Beautiful Body Of Christ

Doctrinal differences and worship practices mean far less to people who are broken for a lost and dying world.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the issues that normally divide the North American church are dealt with maturely among the missionaries we have met.  We all seem much more interested in sharing the Gospel of Jesus than arguing about our faith.

Worship Transcends Language

Our favorite time during the week is Sunday morning when we have the privilege of worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Iglesia de Dios Esperanza Viva.  We understand little but worshiping God is much bigger than the language of the song or the sermon. Experiencing the move of the Spirit and enjoying the body of Christ is great in any language!

We Are So Grateful

We have always  felt deep gratitude for our support network but today we have a new depth in our gratitude for your prayers, encouragement, and funding.  It is by your support that we are here, your encouragement helps us to keep going, and by your prayers God is giving us “ears to hear” and the ability to learn the marvelous language of Spanish.  Thank you for all you do for us!

In His grip,


The Downings

(If you would like to speak with someone about partnering with our mission please call 1-800-848-2464 and ask for Debbie Taylor and she will walk you through the process).

What We Have Learned, Year One

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.                                                                                                        – 2 Peter 2:9 
This Sunday will mark one year that we have been traveling full time along our mission path.  One year ago this upcoming Sunday Timothy spoke for the last time as pastor of the Hillside Church of God in Springfield, Ohio.  From that time on we have been speaking at various churches and to various individuals seeking partners in ministry as we move our family to Ecuador to join in on the mission to which God has called us.  The course of our mission path has taken us to a deeper faith and appreciation of God’s provision and His timing.  We know He called us and history proves that He will provide for us.  We have seen His provision as we have lived a full year without an income.  As we have enjoyed His provision for us we are reminded of a passage in Revolution in World Missions that convicts us to this day.        
God does promise to meet our physical needs. And He does, indeed, bless His children materially. But he blesses us for a purpose – not so we can squander those resources on ourselves but so we can be good stewards, using our resources wisely to win the lost to God’s saving grace.                                                                                                                                                                                            – K.P. Yohannan

Over the past year we have taken stock of not only our blessings but our giving as well. Are we giving enough to advance the cause of Christ?  God has blessed us on purpose, certainly we can do more!

This year spent “leaning not on our own understanding” but “trusting the Lord with all of our heart” has helped us put our wealth in perspective and it has given us a greater perspective of life lived in the Body of Christ.  
This year, the importance of being connected to the Body of Christ has come into focus. We have realized that no one’s individual calling stands alone, each calling is given within the context of the Christian Community.  We need each other to complete our individual callings.  Some are called to go others are called to send but neither can fulfill their calling apart from the other.    
Along those lines, we have gained a greater perspective on fundraising.  When we began fundraising we were intimidated, we felt like asking for support was an imposition that we did not want to put upon our friends.  We now realize when we ask for support we are giving an opportunity to partner with us as we join with Jesus in His Great Commission. This is an opportunity that many people are looking for.  Many of our individual partners have expressed gratitude for a good cause that reaches past their local church and into the “ends of the earth.”  William Borden, a missionary to China reflected on the numbers of Christian workers in the U.S. as compared to those among un-reached people and came up with this analogy.         
If ten men are carrying a log – nine of them on the little end and one at the heavy end – and you want to help, which end will you lift on?
We have found that people are looking for opportunities to help lift the heavy end!  
Another observation we have made this year about missionary support has to do with the shear number of people we have been privileged to speak with.  Many people seem to think that if they can’t give a lot of money they might as well not give at all.  Yet, if every Christian who heard about our mission would have simply partnered with us with a pledge of $10 per month (less than a typical American spends on ice cream a month) we would be on the field by now.  It doesn’t take much to make a big difference! 
This past year we we have enjoyed our mission path and we look forward to what God has in store for us this next year!  We are blessed to have had this year to visit family and friends and to say a long goodbye to each.
If you would like to partner with us just click on the family photo below and you will be directed to our donation page.  Thanks in advance!  
In His Grip,
The Downings