Exciting Announcement!

There is one question that we are often asked that is hard for us to answer. Wherever we go people ask “How is the fundraising going?” On one hand we have no idea, after all we have never tried to raise the kind of funds that are required to move our family and establish a ministry in a far off land. On the other hand we are given regular updates that include the percent of our budget that has been raised so far.

We are excited to announce that through our living link partnership network we have made 25% of our budget! The pie chart represents ¼ of our need met!

Actual pie charts are the best kind of pie charts!
Actual pie charts are the best kind of pie charts!

We are honored that so many people believe in us and the ministry we are called into. Let’s keep the momentum going. If you have not joined us yet now is the time. If you know others whose hearts align with ours the upcoming holidays provide the perfect opportunity to introduce them to us.

Together we can make a lasting mark!

To join us click here or call Debbie Taylor at (800) 848-2464 #2129. We look forward to partnering with you!

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