Another Exciting Announcement!

32% Keep the momentum going!

Last week our family celebrated what seemed to us to be an impossible achievement.  We had reached 25% of our Living Link partnership budget.  To put this into perspective we had spoken at various churches since Last Easter every Sunday, (with the exception of four), in order to reach 25% of our budget.  Today we are ecstatic to announce another major milestone in our effort to serve Christ in Ecuador.  But first some significant statistics with a common number, a clue to our big announcement.

32% of the world’s population are Christians.

32% of Americans think that the rise of Isis signals the end times.

32% of Muslims living in the UK believe it is righteous to kill in the name of Islam.

32% of American households hold to a budget.

32% of Americans are nonreligious.

32% of Ecuadorian women living in the USA are single mothers.

32% of Ecuadorians make their living farming.

And we are now at 32% of our Living Link partnership budget!

Why is this such big news for us?  For several reasons.  When we reached 25% of our budget the long held dream of serving Christ in Ecuador began to materialize.  Now that we are at 32% we are beginning to make lists of possessions we need to liquidate before we leave.   (Anyone want to buy an old house or old pickup truck?)  Another reason for our exuberance has to do with benchmarks.  As a Church of God missionary, we are given benchmarks to meet as we raise our funds.  Our first benchmark is coming up early next year.  We are within striking distance of meeting our looming February benchmark of raising 50% of our budget.  We are excited about where we are but we desperately need your help to get to where we need to be.  Have you considered partnering with us?  How about an end of the year gift?  Together we can serve Christ both here and to the “ends of the earth!”

A quick and easy way to partner with us is to visit the Church of God missions website by clicking here.  Another way to partner with us is by calling Debbie Taylor at 1-800-848-2464 ext. 2185, she will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thank you and God bless,

The Downings



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