Our Long Goodbye

This holiday season has a different feel for us.  Behind the pleasant familiarity of the places we are visiting and the smiling faces of loved ones there lies a far off sense of loss.  If our funds are raised in time this will be the last holiday season that we will experience in familiar places while looking at familiar faces, at least for a while.  So, we eat a little slower, gaze a little longer and listen a little closer as we say our long goodbye.

We are grateful for all of the love our family and friends are bestowing on us.  We enjoy the time that they have chosen to give us.  Our prayer this season goes beyond our own experience to all who are keeping up on our mission path.  May you spend the time you need to over the holidays to make lasting memories.  May the hustle and bustle of the season not prevent you from enjoying the friends and family you are blessed with.

God Bless,
The Downings



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