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Have Asians rejected Christ? Not really. In most cases they have rejected only the trappings of Western culture that have fastened themselves onto the Gospel. K.P. Yohannan, Revolution in World Missions The work of missionaries is particularly essential to the Church. Not simply becuase… Continue Reading “Smelting”

The Unexplained Explained

We recently had an unexplained absence from our podcasts and website. Here is the reason why we went silent for a time. Love The Downing Family

How To Listen To Our Podcast

This post was born out of a bit of wisdom shared by our friends at Boldly Went. We really like their Adventure Podcast, we encourage you to click here and check them out! We like their post about how to listen to podcasts so… Continue Reading “How To Listen To Our Podcast”

Throwback Thursday

Time seems to fly by, especially since we are having so much fun on our mission path! We can’t believe it but we have been traveling our mission path for over five years now! As you can imagine we have thousands of photos….and we… Continue Reading “Throwback Thursday”

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