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Together Tuesday: Roma Lee Courvisier School

We love supporting good ministries! The ministry of Ken and Maria Biron are among the best ministries that we are aware of.

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Latin American Children’s Fund (LACF) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1991 with the sole purpose of leading Latin America children and their families to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Through this child-sponsorship program, churches, individuals, and foundations in the United States are providing financial support for the Christian education and spiritual training of impoverished children in Peru.

American Ken Biron, and his Peruvian wife, Maria, worked in the capital city of Lima for a number of years.  In 1996, the Birons responded to God’s call to establish a Christian school in Reque, Peru, a small coastal town approximately 500 miles north of Lima.  Five acres of barren, desert-like land were acquired and construction of the school began.  Short-term mission teams (known as workcamps) from churches, organizations, and schools in the United States are building the school one classroom at a time.  The needs often exceed the resources, but God’s faithfulness is always near.

With countless hours of volunteer labor, thousands of donated dollars, and an abundance of God’s blessings, the Roma Lee Courvisier School (RLC) opened in 1998 with two classes of excited children.  Those children – now adults – are taking leadership roles in the communities where they live.   One student, Angela, is now a teacher in the pre-Kindergarten class.  Read her interview with Ken on our “Get Inspired” page.

The school is named in honor of Roma Lee Courvisier, a missionary to Peru and other Central and South American countries who has inspired many to enter the mission fields.

Children are admitted to the RLC School at age three and progress through the preschool, elementary, and high school levels.  The goal is to add 20-30 new students each year.  Teachers have a deep love for El Señor (The Lord) that they share with the children along with academic instruction.

The Roma Lee Courvisier School provides the Christian education these children need to walk out of the world of poverty, malnutrition, unemployment and spiritual darkness.  LACF is helping them realize their full potential and empowering them to become tomorrow’s leaders for the world and for God’s Kingdom.

Love,3CE1F13A-A92A-4FEF-8B0C-F66055BED84B The Downings

A Promise

The  traffic in Quito can be grueling. Among the thousands of cars one stands out. Señor Ortega’s wooden car is a sight to behold. 628E4939-C562-480C-A67E-92F46DC365F8

He made a promise to his daughter that he would drive to U.S. in a wooden car to visit her for her birthday. His first attempt ended in Colombia where his first wooden car experienced un solvable mechanical problems. The 54-year-old cabinet-maker returned to Peru and made a more reliable design. CC3D8720-767C-4BD9-B6C4-A1980DD50094Señor Ortega is now in Ecuador and will soon enter into Colombia. Once he reaches the Colombian-Panama border he will have to put his car on a boat to enter Panama as there is no drivable international border between the two countries. Once he reaches Panama he has good roads ahead of him. 51D57B04-B77B-44AC-9185-5AF21D617701

Señor Ortega has put a lifetime’s worth of work and skill into his wooden car to keep a promise he made to his daughter.

His sacrifice to keep his promise encourages us. How about you? Are you encouraged?

With much love, 6EF7E090-4274-4931-9223-67A638494696The Downings


Where in The World is Timothy Downing II?

One of the greatest pleasures of parenthood is to see your children launch. As time passes they launch in increasingly significant ways. A few years ago our eldest son Timothy was privileged to tag along with his dad on a teaching trip to Ecuador. This year he is going on his first work camp. This short term mission trip will be with his grandparents and members of the Breiel Boulevard Church of God at the Roma Lee Courvisier School run by Ken Byron and the Latin American Children’s Fund. (You can check it out here: http://latinamericanchildrensfund.org). We are very proud of Timothy as he goes off on his own mission path!

Timtothy Peru